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Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 9 THCS tỉnh Ninh Bình năm 2013 - 2014 Môn: Tiếng Anh - Có đáp án

Giới thiệu



Năm học 2012 – 2014



I. Part 1: Listen and fill in the blank with ONE word. (20 points)

Time stands still in London

Time stood still in London on May 27. Big Ben, the 147-year-old clock that is famous around the world, ___1___ stopped for ___2___ minutes. The clock’s minute hand froze at 10.20 PM and then started moving again at 11.50 PM. ___3___ are baffled and cannot explain why the clock stopped. It is usually very reliable and rarely loses even one second.

Big Ben is well known for both its ___4___ and its hourly chimes. It miraculously ___5___ the bombing attacks on London during World War II. It even managed to keep time to within one and a half seconds of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). However, it hasn’t always been so ___6___: snow caused the clock to ring in the New Year ten minutes late in ___7___.

Many people ___8___ believe Big Ben is either the name of the clock itself or of the clock tower. In fact, it is neither. Big Ben is the name of the 13-ton bell that ___9___ on every hour. It was ___10___ after Sir Benjamin Hall, who ordered the clock’s construction. The official name for the tower that houses Big Ben is St. Stephen’s Tower.

II. Part 2: Listen to a biologist, Paul Hart who tells about his trip across Africa. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B, or C (10 points)

1. Why did Paul choose the part of Africa where he visited?
A. It is good for walking
B. It will soon change
C. He had been there before

2. How many scientists were there in Paul’s team?
A. 6           B. 7           C. 11

3. What made the team’s journey slow?
A. clearing paths through the forest
B. finding somewhere safe to camp
C. carrying heavy equipment

4. Whom was Paul angry towards to the end of the trip?
A. the local guide             B. some of the team             C. fisherman

5. Where was Paul asked to go on another trip?
A. Australia             B. London             C. Africa


III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group. (10pts)

1. A. parachute             B. mechanic             C. Christmas             D. scheme

2. A. southern             B. northern             C. mouths             D. months

3. A. shadow             B. vanish             C. Danish             D. Spanish

4. A. have             B. many             C. shadow             D. thank

5. A. exhibition             B. exhaust             C. exhibit             D. exist

IV. Choose the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words. (10pts)

1. A. advertise              B. advertisement              C. teenager              D. surrounding

2. A. economic              B. introduce              C. religion              D. souvenir

3. A. earthquake              B. literature              C. disappear              D. generous

4. A. preference              B. disappointed              C. unpolluted             D. documentary

5. A. recommend              B. spectator              C. individual              D. unexpected


V. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences. (30 pts)

1. I can't make ________ what is happening.
A. away              B. over              C. out              D. on

2. A ________ is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the bank robber.
A. prize              B. reward              C. notice              D. repayment

3. This dish ________. Is it spicy?
A. smells well              B. is smelling good             C. is smelled well              D. smells good

4. Who was the first American person ________ on the moon?
A. walking              B. who walked              C. walked              D. to walk

5. She is one of the few people ________.
A. to whom I look up              B. I look up
C. who look up to              D. to who I look up

6. I live in Dalat, ________ is one of the most beautiful cities of Vietnam.
A. in which              B. that              C. which              D. where

7. Neither the students nor the teacher ________ come.
A. has              B have              C. is              D. are

8. On the way to the town, they stop ________a rest.
A. taking              B. to take              C. to have              D. having

9. It costs about fifty dollars to have a tooth ________.
A. filling              B. to fill              C. filled              D. being filled

10. The roof was damaged and water ________ from the ceiling in wet weather.
A. spilled              B. dripped              C. drained              D. dropped

11. ________little we may like it, old age comes to most of us.
A. In spite of              B. So              C. As              D. However

12. The newspaper did not mention the ________ of the damage caused by the fire.
A. range              B. amount              C quantity              D. extent

13. The judge ________ him fifty dollars for parking his car illegally.
A. charged              B. fined              C. punished              D. prohibited

14. You can take a taxi ________ you don't mind waiting.
A. except              B. unless              C. provided              D. apart

15. They live in a large ________ house on the edge of London.
A. detached              B. single              C. separated              D. divide 


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